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x10 FREE Nightmare Dungeon Runs!

Hey Loves, the shop has been offline today due to the latest Diablo 4 patch 1.1. Looks like they started reverting some of the nerfs/changes. In light of such good news, I have reopened the shop and some services are back online while others are still offline until after the new hotfix patch that will go live in the morning 7:30am PST - 10:30am PST this should allow us to boost you and unlock your capstones for your new characters again. These capstone services will go live in the shop again once that hotfix is applied.

In such good news, I am giving away x10 FREE nightmare dungeon runs right now to 2 people to run with me. Message me using the contact page and I will select the first 2 people who message me. This OFFER EXPIRES in 1 hour. Its currently 7:10pm PST.

These are the NEW Enhanced Nightmare Dungeon runs and are suppose to give 4 items instead of 2. 1 Guaranteed Sacred or Ancestral Legendary (with a chance to drop a unique), 1 50% chance to drop another one, and 2 rare items. This is super awesome.

I will leave a comment under this post when the first 2 people have been selected. It will go fast, so I hope you are active. ALSO, PLEASE HAVE World Tier 4 UNLOCKED!

Love you all, Let's Get This Loot!

UPDATE 7:28pm: it went fast lobby is now filled. I will do more of these in the far future. If you would like any of these services please place an order. You all are great. Have a great day/night.

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