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Terms of Service

EVILxJUG is not affiliated with any form of media with(in) the video game Diablo 4 and/nor associated with the development of the game or with any of its publishing companies. 

EVILxJUG is a YouTuber and a YouTube Gamer providing in-game services for Diablo 4. These services are carries to help other players reach their goals within the game. He is not profiting from any type of in-game content developed by the company itself. 

EVILxJUG is offering his time to other gamers to help guide them through the game.

Upon purchasing any of these services you understand that there are NO REFUNDS and this is not a physical product. It's a service being offered in the digital world. 

You acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 when placing an order.

After placing an order you understand that you are placed in a queue. It's first come, first serve. EVILxJUG will try his best to get to you as fast as possible. When an order is placed, your order is safe and secured.

Delivery of these services are based on how many orders are in the queue but EVILxJUG will do his best to get to you from instant delivery to 5 days. You can always place an order for the future that matches your schedule and EVILxJUG will be there to deliver- accommodating.

Also you are acknowledging you have read the FAQ section of the shop and understand that those terms and conditions are binding. When purchasing any services from the shop and upon checkout you are also agreeing to these terms and conditions and its binding.

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Chargebacks are not permitted and you acknowledge all sales are final.

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