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LAST CALL for Duriel Runs!

Hey guys, tomorrow 3pm PST is the last time that I will do Duriel runs- with the new endgame content coming in less than 9 days (12/5/23) I have to concentrate on acquiring all the necessary mats in order to participate in "abattoir of zir." In order to complete this new pinnacle dungeon it will require about 25,000 Sigil Powder for a perfect run (beyond expensive). Also, I need to put out daily YouTube content on these runs from Level 100 Tier 1 to Level 100 Tier 25- it's a lot of work.

Therefore, if you would like ANY Duriel Runs at this point in time 50x runs takes about 2.5 hours and 100x runs takes about 5.5 hours (we can always split this time up to meet your schedule if you can't do it all in one-sitting). This is the LAST CALL for now until January 2024 for Duriel Runs, so if you would like to place an order between now and tomorrow is your last chance.

Have a great day.

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