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SUPER FIRE SALE! Uber Duriel Runs!

Hey guys, what an AMAZING day for the shop. Some of you took advantage of the "UBER DURIEL FIRE SALE" for the x113 runs of Duriel Boss Fight for a chance at the Uber Uniques and those fortunate enough to get in the lobby were highly rewarded with the RNG Gods. We did x113 runs today and everyone got at least 1 Uber Unique. We got 10 UBER Uniques to drop. Everyone was SUPER HAPPY! Also, because they got new uniques, yellows, and legendaries at the highest Item Power in the game currently Item Power 925. Overall, it was a beautiful day: We had x3 Andariel’s Visage, x1 Grandfather, x1 Melted Heart of Selig, x5 Harlequin Crest to drop.

The best I can do in this moment is to run it back so more people can get in- therefore there is a "SUPER FIRE SALE" for the x20 Duriel Runs and the x50 Duriel Runs. Now, is your time if you would like these services in Diablo 4. Have an amazing day/night.

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