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Hey Loves, its an EXCITING day in Diablo 4 and I have a SUPER AWESOME Discounted Endgame Boss Package to ONLY 1 Person so make sure if you want to secure your spot place your order now and don't forget to use your Loot Points Rewards to get extra discounts at checkout.

Today, at 10am PST the NEW Update goes live in Diablo 4 giving us the chance to get the NEW Malignant Unique Rings (Beyond Excited). These are really powerful and fun items.

I have an "Endgame Boss Package" available which includes all keys (my materials) to farm: (1) Uber Boss Duriel x17 runs (2) Varshawn x11 runs (3) Beast in Ice x2 Runs

*Uber Duriel has a chance to drop an Uber Unique with a Guaranteed Unique Item Power 925 items and Legendaries and Yellow items all at ITEM POWER 925! Varshaw will give us class specific Uniques AND a chance at the NEW Malignant Unique Rings! Beast in Ice will give us a chance to get class specific Uniques.

This is an AWESOME Package! 1st Come 1st Serve!

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