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Hey Loves, First of All- Thank you so much for all your continued support within my shop. I giveback so much especially in my shop with the Loot Points Rewards. I will always try to be the BEST for you.

The shop has been updated with items :) These are some of the HARDEST ITEMS to get in the game at the Highest Item Power (which matters for your armor). You will NEED these items to help pass the new "RIFT" content (The Abattoir of Zir) Pinnacle Dungeon coming early December in about 2 weeks from now (to help you get that NEW UNIQUE GLYPH).

They are a bit pricey depending on your outlook or cheap depending on your outlook as well. Some people are selling some items for upwards for $180.00 each, so again depending on who's looking at it. Nevertheless, I believe these are fair market value prices and you can use your Loot Points Rewards to get a HUGE Discount or even FREE (a giveback I do ONLY for you). Also, these items are only 1 Available each (so the scarcity only drives the price). You will be the ONLY 1 with these items.

These are LEGIT items that took 18 hours to farm (yes 18 hours per day) Non-stop! You also have to realize I'm saving you hundreds and thousands of hour providing you with instant access to instant items.

Thanks again for all your support and have a great day/night.

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