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Season 1 Carries + Level 90 Sorcerer!

Hey Loves, sorry for not uploading in the past 9 days, with running the shop daily and grinding this game- I am beyond overwhelmed but still going! This game is fun and addicting but requires a lot of time.

I can finally carry you guys through Nightmare Dungeons in Season 1 (I will add more stock to this in the shop- so shop away) let me level you up, get your Glyph XP, Loot, and many other things you will need in this game.

In Eternal Realm I have a Level 100 Rogue. My Seasonal character is NOW LEVEL 90! My Sorcerer is beyond beast and this is before the nerf. The major Sorcerer buff goes live on August 8th along with the Enhanced Dungeons giving Super XP and Super Loot (more on this soon- I will make a video in the coming days).

I finally got the Unique pieces I needed for my Sorcerer build, I’m missing a few more to complete it but the foundation has been built.

Thanks you all that support me and the shop and also watching my YouTube videos. There will be a video tonight and an amazing video tomorrow.

Have a great day/night.

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