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ORDER UPDATE (07/25/2020)

Thank you all so much for your orders. It truly means a lot to me. For every purchase no matter how big or how small you all are helping me to fight my disabilities and improve my quality of life. I work beyond hard, tirelessly, and effortlessly so you all can have fun in Borderlands 3. I strive to give you new experiences every Friday to "takedown" the enemies while having a blast. I have a lot of new customers coming over from DPJ and Glitching Queen and I truly appreciate it. Please know that I'm filling orders as fast as I can. This is a one-man-shop. I spend 16 hours on Friday, 16 hours on Saturday, and 16 hours on Sunday delivering and completing your orders. My entire weekends are 100% dedicated in getting your orders fulfilled. Please be patient as I promise I will get to you. Thanks again for everything, you all are truly amazing! <3

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