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New TTW Package Added for this Weekend! Shop is OPEN!

Hey Loves,

How are you doing? Hope all is well. With DLC 4 coming soon and the release of our 7th class (character) the BlightCaller, I went ahead and composed a new package available right now called "Level 1 Package + Infinite Legendary Drops Lobby." This package is absolutely amazing! Even though its all Level 1 items to help power your upcoming character the Blightcaller you can use it on any of your new characters or existing Level 40 characters. These items are so powerful that even your Level 40 characters would love it. Really fun modded items this weekend. I highly suggest picking up this package to have the most fun and experience something new in Tiny Tina Wonderlands. YouTube video will be out Saturday. If you want to put in your order now- to be one of the first to receive it- go ahead. Have a great weekend! Lets turn it up! <3

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