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Loot Points Rewards Enabled this Friday!

Hey Loves, good morning. Shop Update 2.0 will go live on Friday, August 4th. But, I know you guys want services now since it’s still the beginning of Season 1. This weekend starting Friday, it will be first come first serve. I will have some services you will want for Season 1 or Eternal Realm.

I will also reenable your Loot Points Rewards (more on this info tomorrow) so that you can start using them to get free items and services within the shop. Also, I told you guys that I will be cheaper and fair than what you see everyone else doing. I promise you they are trying to nickel and dime and/or scam you- happened to me.

Again, me reenabling Loot Points Rewards which no one else is doing so that you can get free items and services (just know I’m always looking out for you 100% all the time) is something special and I hope you understand the value and work that I’m putting into everything even serving you guys, so far 100% satisfaction within the shop.

More soon as Friday is a Super BIG DAY for Diablo 4 as we are getting a new update that will coincide with the services in the shop it will be really exciting this weekend.

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