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FREE LOOT - Shop Update 2.0 (Major News)

Hey loves, a Major Announcement right now! I always try to do the best and always give you

the best. I am working beyond hard everyday and night. In Diablo 4, I am Level 100 in the Eternal Realm and Level 70 in Season 1 (goal to Level 100 by next Wednesday the latest). I am working 16-18 hours a day, taking 30 min naps and 3 hour sleep sessions- very dangerous but for you guys I am trying to do the most and the best way possible.

Shop Update 2.0 is on the way (currently updating the shop). In Shop 2.0, I'm going BIGGER AND BETTER for you all. I am adding new features and returning features so that you can get free loot (items and services) within the shop just for shopping here, watching my YouTube videos, and/or referring your friends. SHOP 2.0 Upgrade will have: (1) Loot Point Rewards (2) FREE Loot (3) Referral Bonuses for Discounts/Free Loot (4) New Loot Items (more on this soon) (5) Limited New Enhanced Dungeon Runs 2.0 (you will be getting over 16 features per run - more on this soon - see image for teaser) (6) Plus More

I am trying my best to get everything up and running and making these new YouTube videos so we all are on the same page. Trust me exciting times ahead. ETA, I'm hoping to have Shop Update 2.0 ready to go on Friday, August 4th.

P.S. I'm also trying to be super fair with the prices and also making sure you have tons of ways to get FREE LOOT and FREE Services in the shop (everyone else doing what I'm doing is NOT doing what I'm doing, they are trying to use you and nickel and dime AND or SCAM you. I am here for you and put you above profits ALL the TIME, EVERY TIME! Love you all, more soon...very soon.

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