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Exciting Times Again!

Hello Loves, I am BACK! Diablo 4 Season 2 launches tomorrow and its a big deal. Those that play this game in the shop knows how much fun we have and tomorrow as a new D4 season starts we are going to have so much more fun- especially hunting these UBER UNIQUES (I will have services for these carries). In Season 3, we might get full open trading where I can just straight out sell the UBER UNIQUES items (currently speaking to the Devs to OPEN FULL TRADING). Devs will allow us to trade materials in Season 2 which will allow us to spawn the UBER Bosses for the Uber Uniques but I will be having these services for you so you don't have to do the leg work; just place an order hop in my lobby and lets have fun getting these NEW UNIQUES and UBER Uniques. I will be grinding harder than before I mean I was already putting in 14-16 hours a day in Season 1 so going harder in Season 2 will require 16-18 hours a day from me so that you can get the very best- quickly without having to put in so much grind.

As a TREAT for Season 2 launching tomorrow and the Halloween festivities; I have given everyone in the shop an EXTRA 150 LOOT POINTS as a SPECIAL REWARD for all the continued support.

Thank you so much and the shop is back online and will be updated during the week as I need to reach peak first with my team before we can start providing services but TRUST its on the way.

Have an amazing day and rest up, the grind and FUN starts tomorrow.


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