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Terms of Service

Handcrafted items are exclusively created and crafted by EVILxJUG. If your item that was purchased before or after a nerf or buff of the game "Borderlands 3" or "Tiny Tina's Wonderlands" no updates will be made to your loot. Updates from devs of the game has the potential to buff, nerf, or remain the same of stats of your loot. If a dev update is made it has the potential to break your loot so beware. If there is a level cap increase there will be no upgrades to the new level cap from the previous items. If a new version of that item is made it would be considered a new item even though it has a prefix (ex. V2, V3, etc.). By purchasing any of the loot you are agreeing that you are above the age of 18 and if your loot breaks because of a dev update or hotfix there will be no REFUNDS and all purchases are Final.

PLEASE REDEEM YOUR ITEMS WENT SENT ASAP! You have no later than 6 days from when your item is sent for you to redeem them through the in-game mail. On the 7th day, if you didn't redeem your item, it will be lost and there will be NO REPLACEMENT or NO REFUNDS! When your items has been sent you will get a message via your console letting you know, to redeem your items ASAP (like a notification letting you know you have mail aka items waiting on you to redeem). This is an extra step I personally take to make sure to let you know, that you have items in your inbox waiting on you.

Please keep in mind that if a patch/update/hotfix is made to the game and it removes all your purchased handcrafted loot that we are not responsible for any lost loot (there won't be any replacements or refunds).

Please keep in mind that Borderlands 3 is not a perfect game and game crashes can occur due to many things including not clearing your cache daily on your systems. If your game crashes and you lose any of your handcrafted loot, we are not responsible for any replacements or refunds. Please back your saves up daily using the online cloud storage on your systems and USB drive (double backups are always a good thing).

You are also acknowledging you have read the FAQ section of the shop and understand that those are terms and conditions as well when purchasing any items from the shop and upon checkout you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and its binding.

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