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*DO NOT have to Finish Season 2 Campaign (could be a fresh character)

(FOR SEASON 2 [Season of the Blood])


**This will be done on World Tier 4, if you need WT3 or WT4 Unlocked, I will unlock them for you with this order


ENDGAME BOSS PACKAGE! (Keys Included) (Softcore) S2

-All Materials Included! (My Mats) I will Kill All Bosses!

-Uber Duriel x17 Runs!

-Varshawn x11 Runs!

-Beast in Ice x2 Runs!


This is for your main or alt character


Additional Info:

You have to be online as well as this is a carry service. We both have to be online at the same time. We can always set a date and time as I am near available 24/7.


*Please add your ID upon placing your order or message me on here with your ID after you have completed your purchase.


Estimated Delivery:

Delivery is based upon how many orders I have to fill. It can be anywhere between instant to 5 days.


Uber Boss Duriel Loot Table (Drops):

1. Uber Uniques (All Classes):

-Harlequin Crest (shako)

-Andariel's Visage

-Melted Heart of Selig

-Ring of Starless Skies


2. Uber Uniques (Barbarian/Necromancer):


-The Grandfather


3. Uber Unqiues (Sorcerer/Druid):

-Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander


4. Uniques (All Classes):

-Godslayer Crown


-Tibault's Will

-X'Fals Corroded Signet


-Banished Lord's Talisman


5. Uniques (Barbarian):


-Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty


6. Uniques (Necromancer):

-Black River

-Blood Moon Breeches


7. Uniques (Rogue):

-Cowl of the Nameless

-Scoundrel's Leathers


8. Uniques (Sorcerer):


-Blue Rose


9. Uniques (Druid):

-Tempest Roar

-Dolman Stone


*No Refunds and We DO NOT accept chargebacks

**for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PC

ENDGAME BOSS PACKAGE! (Keys Included) Softcore S2

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