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*DO NOT have to Finish Season 2 Campaign (could be a fresh character)

(SEASON 2 [Season of the Blood])


**World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 Unlocked including in this package.


x10 Nightmare Dungeon Runs! GLYPH XP/XP BOOST!! (Softcore)

I will run you through 10 Nightmare Dungeons so you can Level Up and Level Up your GLYPH! These NM Dungens will be bettween Tier 60-100 so you can get the most XP and best loot in the game. You can stand still in the lobby and/or if you want you could follow me so you can pick up the materials and gold for your character as well. 100% Legendary Loot upon completion AND a chance to drop a Unique/Uber Unique Loot.



1. Unlock Glyphs 2. Glyph XP 3. Tons of XP 4. Materials

5. Sacred Rare Loot 6. Ancestral Legendary Loot 7. Ancestral Unique Loot 8. Ancestral Rare Loot 9. Legendary Loot 10. Paragon Points (if you are level 50+) 11. Sigils 12. Gems 13. Elixirs 14. Gold


This is for your main or alt character


Additional Info:

You have to be online as well as this is a carry service. We both have to be online at the same time. We can always set a date and time as I am near available 24/7.


*Please add your ID upon placing your order or message me on here with your ID after you have completed your purchase.


Estimated Delivery:

Delivery is based upon how many orders I have to fill. It can be anywhere between instant to 5 days.


*No Refunds and We DO NOT accept chargebacks

**for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PC

x10 Nightmare Dungeon Runs TIER 60-100! GLYPH XP/XP/LOOT BOOST! (Softcore)

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