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The Time is Now!

Hey Loves,

How are you doing? Hope all is well. Finally, back from that 2-week break. There's no more planned timed off as I promised you all. But, since being back 1.5 weeks ago, I've been working super hard on a new experience in TTW with a magical item for you. Well, since that announcement last week. I have 2 magical items now :)

The shop will reopen tomorrow night and it's first come first serve and it will be a limited time event like the previous lobbies, those are now GONE! We are moving on.

This new experience package will come with FREE modded items. They are modded items because they were made by the community and not me. I would NEVER resell someone else's mods or work. Even though people have been doing to me since Borderlands 3, you guys remember the drama. I will always stay true to you all always and this is why I'm not calling it handcrafted items because I didn't make them but they are the great ones I've seen for what we have to work with so far and yes, I'll be giving them away for FREE with a purchase of an "Infinite Legendary Drops Chaos 35 Lobby Experience Lite" or an "Infinite Legendary Drops Chaos 35 Lobby Experience Plus."

This will all be explained in tomorrow's video. You won't want to miss out this lobby experience because it will 100% blow your mind plus you get FREE modded items that are fun.

The TTW Service side of the shop will be updated tonight but orders will not go live until tomorrow night after that video goes live explaining how it's going to work.

This is such a fun service. I've tested this with some people BTS and they loved it so much that they even said they will be putting in some orders to experience it again.

Can't wait to show you guys MORE.

P.S. you gonna want an empty backpack before we start :) don't worry once you are in the lobby I will give you the FREE modded items first in the Chaos Chamber before we start this exhilarating "Infinite Legendary Drops Chaos 35 Lobby Experience" which can lasts anywhere between 10 mins and 35 mins, so plan your time accordingly. But I am working with your schedule so you can place an order and when you have time we will do it when you have time. Just like before. I am on your time :)

See you soon <3

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