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The Shop Will Remain Open!

Hey Loves,

The shop will remain open this week. I am working on other projects this week that will be beyond time consuming, but since I am working from home. I have all the time in the world to deliver your orders. Stats this weekend: 100% of you that ordered were delivered with 100% customer service satisfaction. You guys LOVED the "infinite legendary drops lobby" and the items. I thoroughly appreciate you. After the project this week I'm working on which is my NFT Business which will take all my devotion this week, the week after I will have a new TTW package of unreleased items. Also, looking into the near future we are working on new Borderlands 3 items. We have tons of new handcrafted loot for Borderlands 3 that hasn't been released. The future of the shop looks so fun and thank you for being here. If anyone puts in an order today or this week I am 100% available to deliver. Thank you and have a great week. <3

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