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The Shop is Opening this Weekend!

Hey Loves, it feels great to be back. First and foremost thank you all for still being here and it's going to be an amazing year for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and for you guys that support the shop. Secondly, I have up'd your Loot Points Rewards so you can get more FREE loot the more you shop per week.

Thirdly, you can explore the shop to see what's new. Handcrafted Loot will soon be coming to TTWL (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands) but first we are going to do something different and new to kick-off the season. We have some TTWL Services available so make sure you check them out. It will go live this weekend and it's a limited service not sure how long I will have it in the shop but I will bring it back week to week depending on how much people want it.

It's great to be back once again and I can't wait to see your beautiful faces online. Let's get this party started! <3

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