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The Shop is now OPEN!

The Shop is now open. The YouTube video will go live around 3pm PST today or earlier. You can either wait for the video to see how to lobbies are going to work (basically you are going to join me nothing new but this time you have an option to either take the lobby or pass on it if you don't want to experience the "infinite legendary drops" and just take the modded items and go on about your day and hopefully see you next week OR you want both the lobby and the items. You will 100% get the items with the packages but the lobby is optional if you don't want to play, this time you are given a choice because everyone's schedule is different, but I am willing to work with everyone) and showcase of the items or you can place your order now to be one of the firsts to be delivered. It's going to be an exciting weekend. Let's have some fun. <3

P.S. if you are going to place an order now or today please read the description of the packages so you are aware of what you are getting, even though it's awesome- I want you guys to always be in the "know."

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