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So, I finished handcrafting the "Horror Movies x Borderlands 3" crossover loot. Everything is amazing and super fun especially being filled with "Terror". I do have one little issue with the Freddy Krueger weapon. First of all the the design is to die for and the performance is super incredible and fun. The little issue is that if you swap weapons back to it you have to melee for the weapon to come out so that you can use it. I tried fixing it but the weapon deteriorates and that fun factor is not there anymore. So, with this minor glitch I will bundle the new "surprise" grenade mod with the bundle and bundle the Freddy Krueger weapon for FREE. I will also have the Freddy Krueger weapon as a standalone just in case you still want to try it out at a super discount because of this minor issue. The thing is, that this weapon is so much fun that I want you to feel this experience. So either way, it's more work for me and basically FREE for you. So, I will bundle the entire "Horror Movies" crossover items in 1 bundle, first time. So basically, its SUPER discounted. See you tomorrow for your first teaser. I have to get back to work. Much love. -JUG <3

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