Super Exciting Times for Call of Duty: Zombies players as the reveal of Treyarch's next zombies mode gets a full reveal tomorrow. In light of this, I didn't want us Borderlands 3 players to miss out INSTEAD we shall join the Fun! YES, we are still on board this weekend for the "Avengers x Borderlands 3" crossover event this weekend BUT I'm also releasing a special item, the COD: Zombies "Speed Cola Perk Bottle" in Borderlands 3. This is a Super Fun grenade mod, this one is over the top. Remember, that time I scaled back on that one grenade and you guys voted 88% out of about 300 people who wanted it, well, NO SCALING BACK on this. With this special grenade release this weekend along with the "Thor Storming Storm Front" grenade mod its going to be a fun weekend for you. I didn't hold back on either grenade mods. Both grenade mods offer 2 different fun experiences and will go live in 2 days. Can't wait for you to get them both. I'm currently working on the "Captain Marvel" weapon. Talk more soon, headed back to work. Love you! <3

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