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The shop will reopen in 2 days with some amazing new items and if you missed last week items NOW would be the ONLY time to get them before the level cap increase next weekend with more new items. Here's what to expect in 2 days:



2. DLC 4 XP Boost Diamond Pack (Lv.60)

3. Batman Villains x Borderlands 3 (including class mods)

4. Crossover Blend Bundle (Custom's Rubys Wrath, Mike Myers Shocking AAA (non-terror), Gastly Soulrender)

5. EXTRA ITEM: Handcrafted "Tony Stark Cutsman" LEVEL 65 all elemental with 2 firing modes that shoots elemental lasers and elemental orbs*

6. EXTRA ITEM: Black Widow OPQ System

*The reason for the Level 65 "Tony Stark Cutsman" is for you guys who hit Level 65 on DLC 4 Day 1(Thursday 09-10-2020) to have a new item to play with before my "Avengers x Borderlands 3" items gets released the next day after DLC 4 release (Friday 09-11-2020 at 6pm PST) which will feature the Level 65 "Iron Man Cutsman". The difference between the Level 65 Tony Stark Cutsman and Level 65 Iron Man Cutsman will be performance, anointments, primary/secondary anointments (all elemental for both), and possibly an upgraded design.

I want you guys to have a Level 65 item Day 1 of release day until you get ready for all Level 65 items the next day. We all want new shiny toys as fast as we can get them. So, I'm giving you the ability if you would like to treat yourself a day early with the Level 65 "Tony Stark Cutsman".

The Shop will OPEN this Thursday 09-03-2020 at 11am PST.

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