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Hey Loves,

Back by demand! I'm getting tons of messages that you guys still want the XP/Loot Lobbies. You are telling me you will be creating new characters this coming week/weekend and please don't do away with the service just yet. This weekend alone the shop has been an increase traffic of 2180%. I thoroughly appreciate all of you. I actually surprised a lot of you by maxing out your backpacks with my loot lol I wanted you guys to have way more fun that anticipated so I undersold and overdelivered. A motto I like to go by. I will always treat you guys.

With that being said the shop will reopen this Wednesday at 11am PST for ONLY 2 days and will close again. I have to make sure I can get to everyone. Remember, it's first come first serve and your order will be delivered in the order in which it was placed and delivery can be anywhere between instant to 5 days.

Love you all and see you Wednesday <3

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