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Hey Loves,

Here are some updates on the shop:



-Shop will reopen 1st week on January 2022

-Loot Points will reset but with more ways to earn FREE loot: BDAY Rewards (make sure you register on the site (SmileU) so that your BDAY saves so you can redeem free loot on your BDAY), Shares on Twitter, Follow on twitter/IG, Place an order)

-Referring a friend will also obtain you rewards for you and your friends at checkout 5% off

-No Taxes Worldwide

Q2-Q4 2022


-iOS/Android Store App

-FREE Season Pass for loot (more on this later)



-The shop will be supporting the "Tiny Tina Wonderlands" game in 2022



-Videos of "Showcasing Items" will resume in 4K

-FREE items will be given away each video (make sure you sub and have notifications turned on)

*Thank you guys for all that you do. I promise to work even harder than before for your enjoyment, entertainment, and fun factor. I promise to deliver new game experiences and events. If the shop hits my yearly threshold I will do more console giveaways (Xbox Series X and PS5) next XMAS December 2022. If the shop hits quarterly thresholds there will be BLACK OUT Events in the shop (this is up to you). In the end, we are a community and the more support the more I can always giveback and do for you guys.

With all my Love,


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