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I've been working EXTREMELY HARD on this weekend items. I don't and never will take shortcuts in crafting items for you, which leads me into testing, TESTING, testing. I've been testing and recrafting all day today since 4am and its now 10pm. I finally got it RIGHT! THE PROBLEM: During extremes amounts of testing, the Lv.1 XP boost drops off at Lv.25. This is because of the stats on the XP boost relics and when you rank up you need more XP to hit the next level. So, the Lv.1 XP will get you to Level 25 in about 12 mins, super amazing! But then that Lv.1 XP will NOT take you to Lv.30 super fast after Level 25. So, I had to add another bundle (all of this will be explained and showcased in Friday's upload). Now, it's been fixed.


1. Bronze Bundle (Lv.1) = will take you to Lv.25 in 12 minutes *if you have relic slot unlock from save wizard, if not it's about 25 mins, if your friend is helping you XP boost using Slaughter Shaft

2. Silver Bundle (Lv.25) = will take you to Lv.45 in 10 minutes *make sure you beat graveward and unlock relic slot, your friend is helping you XP boost using Slaughter Shaft

3. Gold Bundle (Lv.45) = will take you to Lv.60 in 6 minutes, your friend is helping you XP boost using Slaughter Shaft

4. Diamond bundle (Lv.60) = based on current stats, will take you to Lv.65 in 5-8 mins, you can do the Slaughter Shaft solo or with a friend if you would like

*Now, there are many many many ways to level up other than the slaughter shaft. If you just want that 300% XP boost and run through the game with a new character just to finish the storyline again and gain tons of XP with the bundles, you can do that as well. You will hit Level 60 really fast with these bundles way before you finish the storyline (also playing the game to beat takes about 3 days if playing for 5-8 hours a day). These bundles will let you ONLY hit Level 60 fast. I haven't tested running through the game to see how fast you can get to Level 60 on a fresh character because I don't have 3 days to play the game to see how fast I can hit Level 60. BUT, instead I farmed XP with these bundle items to Lv.60 with a fresh character with the relic slot unlocked (using PS4 save wizard) and it took me from Lv.1 to Lv.60 less than 50 minutes doing the Slaughter Shaft method. You can also farm Graveward over and over again, AGAIN there are tons of ways to use these items to rank up quick especially with a friend. Make sure YOU ARE ON, MAYHEM 10 while grinding XP with these XP boost items to maximize your XP gains. I wanted to give you all the info you needed just in case you pre-ordered these bundles before the video drops on Friday. I wanted to give you all the information so you know what you are paying for. Again, I'm always 100% transparent with you guys.

PURPOSE OF THIS XP BUNDLE: To help new players get to Lv 60 fast, to help older players who want to create new characters to get to lv 60 fast, and help hardcore players thats already Lv 60 get to Lv 65 super fast so that they are in preparation for Friday 09/11/2020 Level 65 items and bundles. <3 Okay, love you all and I'm getting back to work. Have a great morning, evening, or night wherever you are in the world. Just know I always have your back 100% of the time. <3

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