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Shop/New Items Update!

Hey Loves,

Shop is still open with old packages that most of you received and NEW to some who haven't got a chance to get them yet. I'm so sorry for not updating the shop in like 6 weeks I have been really busy working on my NFTArt Business that it takes so much time. Also, my gf's mom got really sick that it took 2 weeks from my schedule that I was with her in the hospital. It was just bad timing in returning. But, you guys kept ordering and wanting the lobbies that I was still delivering. I will return with new items and a video in 2 weeks.

I love you guys so much, I love this shop so much, I love the rewards program, and I love that I can add to your fun and gaming experience in the Borderlands. I wish I had a team but its only me and not even business to bring my nephew back yet. But he will return I have faith.

I will always be 100% transparent with you all 100% of the time. I really want a Borderlands 2 remastered for current gen. OMG! that would be beyond amazing. I will return with new items for TTW and Borderlands 3.

Love you all and please take care of your health. Talk soon.



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