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Shop is now closed. RESTOCK will be this Thursday 08/13/2020 at 10am PST, we will have limited quantities again so it's first come first serve. Remember delivery can be anywhere between instant to 3 days with a 100% guaranteed delivery by Sunday night PST.

There will be NO YouTube video on Friday 08/14/2020 as the new items I'm working on for the "Thanos x Borderlands 3" crossover event will take a little more time to get perfect. Next YouTube upload and showcase will be that following Friday 08/21/2020 at 6am PST.

I currently see all your orders and messages. I will respond and deliver your items asap please remember you are in the queue to be delivered. You will have your items soon and can't wait for you to have so much fun. Currently, delivering.

Thank you guys for all love and support. Talk to you soon.



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