Thank you all for the continued support it has been an amazing weekend and that's all because of you. You guys loved every bit of the XP/Loot Lobbies and even though sometimes it was painful trying to get into these lobbies because shift be acting up, you guys were still stoked to get what you paid for and the service. So, I greatly appreciate it. Only 1 person out of everyone had a problem which was they wasn't patient enough and even when we were both online they ignored me because they were playing with their friends online like I was the problem lol. I was just trying to deliver their order. Nevertheless, I'm always truthful with you guys 100% of the time so that puts my overall satisfaction for this weekend to 99%. I always strive for 100% satisfaction when the shop is opened. You guys know I take customer service very seriously because I always want to see you all happy and having fun.

Okay, we still have some orders left to be delivered. Don't worry even though everything is sold out you will still get your items and XP lobby. Your orders are safe. I will start delivering again around noon Sunday afternoon. This new shift service is really terrible so having to meet up with people basically in real life just online is a pain for everyone because everyone is on a different schedule. The great thing about placing an order is knowing that a 100% fact you will get your order delivered it takes take a little longer (instant to 5 days) because everyone is on a different schedule so I try to make mine near 24/7 for deliveries and then there's the thing with shift being offline and in and out and no one can connect. Growing pains with Tiny Tina's Wonderlands shift service. I know they will fix it but because it is so new it will take them sometime.

99% of you loved everything and that truly makes me happy. I went above and beyond doing this and the same love I showed you guys you have it back to me and I greatly appreciate it.

Okay, so moving now. I'm not sure when this service will be back. The shop won't open next weekend. But, I'm aiming for 2 weekends from now. In the meantime, let's give shift some time to figure out their service and get things working 100%. I also will be working on what you guys truly want- HANDCRAFTED Loot. Yes, I see the broken mods people are passing around in the community and you guys choose me because you know I put in the necessary time to make each item special, unique, and balanced for fun with a slight OP! So, basically I'll be in the lab working making sure everything is perfect for you when the shop reopens.

Exciting times ahead...Stay Tuned for more.

P.S. We delivered items to people in Korea and South Africa and other parts of the world and I thought that was super awesome because everyone was appreciative. My heart loves you all <3

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