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Shop is now SOLD OUT with 100% orders fulfilled for this weekend. Thank you guys for the continued support. We have tons of things to look forward to this coming weekend. We have new XMAS items as our Holiday event continues and the BLACKOUT LOOT Event that will happen on 12/26/2020 at a random time for a super short time. The next BLACKOUT LOOT Event won't be until 11/2021 for Black Friday and then again for 12/2021 around XMAS time. So, if you like like to participate you already know what to do, keep refreshing the shop every 30 minutes to see if the event is activate. Also, there are tons of ways to get FREE loot by using the Loot Rewards Program, the shop will have upgrades in 2021 to add a referral system to your Loot Rewards Program so you can get even more points and even more free loot. The VIP Loot Program is my baby and thank you all for subbing to the VIP Loot Channel, it's seriously an amazing place to be feels like a member's only club especially with your very own special loot and videos. Have a great rest for your week. Happy Holidays, -Love, JUG. <3

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