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Thank you all for the support this weekend. All orders are now 100% Fulfilled. Thank you for being patient as we got to everyone. Shop will be restocked this Thursday on Thanksgiving Day. The Shop will close on time this coming weekend as well on Saturday 6pm PST. I'm trying to put us back on schedule I know with all these giveaways and consoles releases things are a bit of a mess schedule wise. But, we will get back on track. This weekend I will be focusing on some a specific type of new handcrafted loot for all characters not jut specific anointments. These will be the first of its kind since the launch of the shop. SUPER SPECIAL and speaking of SUPER SPECIAL, I will have a very special item in the shop for Queen hitting 1M subs and this will be the ONLY weekend to pick it up if you would like to have it. Also, I will have the new effervescent animations completed and our special guest will now be added to our line-up in our videos. Tons of work to be done this week in time for the Holiday. You guys ROCK my Socks! More details will be revealed this coming week on new handcrafted loot and new ways to play with new experiences. Have a great rest of your weekend. Much Love -JUG.

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