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Shop has now been SOLD OUT! Restock will be this Thursday 08-27-2020 at 3pm PST. Those that has already ordered your order is safe, YES! you will still be receiving your orders. I know you guys are so excited and I can't wait until you get your items. Please continue to be patient as Monday night PST time all orders will be fulfilled. The less customer service I have to do the more quicker I can get to you. YES! people misspelled their PSN ID/Gamertags and/or forgot to put their PSN ID/Gamertag at checkout. So, I have to track them down. Also, some people straight up don't know the difference between a PSN ID and Gamertag and put, "my PSN Gamertag is BigBubba77883" lol. The difference is PSN ID means you are on PS4 and Gamertag means you are on Xbox. So, all the customer service I am doing is slowing the process. Please continue to be patient as I'm working hard to make sure everyone receives their items. So, you know I'm not ignoring your messages I see them, I'm just with someone else at the moment. I will get to you as fast as I can. Love you guys and thanks for all the continued support. Maybe this Friday, I might have a surprise item for you but first let's concentrate on today and get your items to you. Much love. -Jug

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