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This weekend is a celebratory weekend! It's my BIRTHDAY! YAHHHHHH lol. In honor of my BDAY, I wanted to share something amazing with you, so you can also have something amazing on your BIRTHDAY this year in 2021. Welcome to the "BIRTHDAY BUILD". The BDAY Build #3, is super unique in the way in was crafted and designed. It doesn't perform like any other build I've ever created. It's different and super fun offering a complete new colorful and powerful experience. With all 5 unique items combined you create a New NOVA Blast Action-Skill that eradicates the enemy in a colorful fashion. This is a hybrid colorful build, like its your own Birthday Party inside of Borderlands 3. You have a new weapon (Tizzy Special Anointed for your character) that shoots digital confetti, a custom handcrafted class mod that unlocks 95% of all 4 of your Skill Trees with special abilities, an artifact that give you super speed, melee, super strength, and healing, a shield that powers your grenade mod heightening all elements that channels from your shield to your grenade mod and then back to your weapon, the power of all elements gets cycled through each of those items from the shield (you will have to see the video releasing this weekend to understand more - super fun and super creative), AND finally the grenade mod- built with special elemental powers that powers your Tizzy AND does amazing amounts of things, you have a new pet Butt Stallion that fights with you on the battlefield and drops UNLIMITED CASH when thrown, you control how much money you want. You first throw the Birthday Cake at the enemy, and what does most people want for their BDAY? money! So, I made it just like Madoff when he got caught with $50,000,000 in NY in his Scheme, instead you control your investments while "eating cake". This new grenade mod is beyond fun, different, colorful, and you can taste the frosting coming off the cake to fill your wallets and appetite of fun and mayhem. There's so much more to share. I highly suggest if you would like to have some amazing fun in Borderlands 3 this weekend with a complete new melee, fast, powerful, and colorful experience, this BIRTHDAY Build is for you. Celebrate your life in Borderlands 3. Love you all. If no one else does it this year for you, let me be the first one to tell you, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" <3

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Chris Inman
Chris Inman
Jan 07, 2021

Gonna be epic! Jug never disappoints

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