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Welcome to your very FIRST "SUPER ELEMENTAL" loot. These new items are BEYOND AMAZING! New firing modes and new animations so much damn fun. I will explain in the video this coming weekend what "SUPER ELEMENTAL" means. Also combining these "Super Elemental Weapons" with your "BDAY BUILD #3" your weapons becomes "ULTRA ELEMENTAL" I will explain that in this weekend's video as well. I have also released the Moze BDAY DEATHLESS Artifact this weekend, you can use it on all other characters if you would like to try something new and different BUT it was intended for Moze. THE BITCOIN LOOT! OMFG! BEYOND AMAZING, if you are in my discord you will see some pics of such awesomeness- SUPER FUN! I will explain and showcase these items in the video coming this weekend as well. THESE ARE ALL SUPER BADASS WEAPONS! You will feel fresh and new with all these new items. I'm BRINGING THE FUN BACK THIS WEEKEND FOR SURE IN BORDERLANDS 3! The shop now has reduced prices and NO TAX! Happy Shopping! <3

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Fuzzy Tattoo
Fuzzy Tattoo
14 ene 2021

Like XMas all over again.

Me gusta
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