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SHOP IS NOW OPEN! Holiday Event Starts Now!

We are OFFICIALLY kicking-off your Holiday Event! I'm so excited and can't wait for you guys to get your hands on these new builds. It's time to bring the XMAS Scare to Pandora, welcome to the "KRAMPUS x Borderlands 3" Terror Build #2. As Krampus approaches to steal the gifts away from the bandits and skags, he brings the COLD of Christmas Night in a violence snowstorm, a scary and frightful blizzard. With this new fun Krampus Terror Build, you become the Krampus of your characters. Some of these items you actually make it snow on the map bringing the ice and blizzard in a violence snowstorm freezing your enemies to death. Christmas is all about the lights as well, when activating your Action Skill and shooting the launcher part of your boogeyman sniper, not only you spawn a demon red ghost that collects the souls of your enemies, but with the blizzard and ice from your rockets they actually light up and glow bringing that Christmas lights effects, very cool. The strength and speed of Krampus is built into your characters by using this new relic, tons of fun. When it's so cold outside grab yourself a coffee with the coffee-maker terror shield which causes your character to act all wild, fun, and free- very special and super fun effects on the relic and new shield. The boogeyman weapon has a very beautiful design with 100% accuracy and semi-unlimited ammo. Want more power for your punch and make MORE BLIZZARDS on the map just activate your Action-Skill with all 5 items equipped and watch the intense SPLASH DAMAGE go ham and I'm not speaking about Christmas ham. You are going to have so much trills and fun this Holiday Season with this NEW KRAMPUS Terror Build. You don't want to miss this one. Happy Holidays! Love, -JUG. Merry Krampus! Have fun. <3

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