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SHOP IS NOW OPEN! Happy Thanksgiving! So many amazing items in the shop for you guys this weekend for all your needs. We have items with all elemental abilities and some with unlimited ammo and some with even both combined to maximize your FUN! I truly went above and beyond with this weekend items. The pic you are looking at is the NEW DARK ARMY Handcrafted SMG, you want an army then here it is. Upon reloading spawn an ENTIRE ALL ELEMENTAL ARMY with replicas of guns protecting you and even harness the powers of a pet- a SPIDER, an explosive SPIDER at your legion. This weapon is truly amazing and SUPER UNIQUE. Beyond Fun! In light of a very special friend of mine for hitting 1M Subs last weekend, I made a ZOMBIES BUNDLE for her: A Zombies Perk Bottle with the Hot Springs, Butt Stallion, and Ghast Call among other super elemental abilities built-in to enhance your fun AND a new handcrafted Ruby's Wrath, all elemental with unlimited ammo. LEVEL UP! I see you guys are still creating new characters and trying to MAX them out. I handcrafted a LEVEL 1 ONE SHOT ONE PUMP CHUMP for you with special abilities to make leveling up SUPER FUN, take advantage of this. So much fun and unique experiences with all the new items this weekend. PLASMA COIL! You guys wanted a universal Plasma Coil for your characters, so I took it up a notch and made it a FAMZ weapon with Unlimited Ammo, OMG! Too much fun. Don't even get me started on the NEW POWERFUL Shield! Collect them all this weekend! Don't forget the "BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT" will be happening in the shop sometime today (random time keep checking the shop). I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you that is the FIRST time that you can get, anyone can get, all the LOOT in the SHOP for FREE! and of course if you miss the "BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT" you can always secure your orders today. Also, NEW SHOP UPGRADES added, you have new ways to get even more FREE LOOT with the new added rewards to the LOOT PERKS REWARDS PROGRAM! So much savings and givings. Love you all and have a great Holiday! Much Love, -JUG.

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