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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! This is your New Year items. BEYOND FUN! Most of you have been asking me to make Level 1 items for you and since it's a NEW YEAR, some of you might be making fresh characters so this is the perfect time to add to your fun with some New Year Level 1 amazing handcrafted items. For the LEVEL 65 players, I did not forget about you this New Year's weekend. I have for you the FAMZ OPQ System and the FAMZ Firework Firecracker Shotgun, BEYOND AMAZING! To make things even more spectacular and fun, a special request was made by a sub to make a "Twisted Tea" Level 65 Grenade mod that "thumps and sounds refreshing when killing the enemy" like the meme currently being floated around AND-----I did just that :) This amazing "Twisted Tea" Grenade Mod has super special KNOCKOUT effects when you hit the enemy in the face lol with the grenade mod or in the back of their head, too much fun. You will also get that KO (thump) sound effect if executed correctly with special twisted refreshing animation that makes you say "ahhhhhh" like when you pop open a can for the first time. So much and diversity can he had this weekend with whatever you choose. Bring in the New Year right and pop those Fireworks with the "Fireworks Cracker" FAMZ shotgun while knocking enemies out and sipping on some "Twisted Tea". Happy New Year. I wish you all the very best this New Year in 2021 and may all your wishes and dreams come true. Be safe. Love you all to the FULLEST! -JUG <3

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