SHOP IS NOW OPEN FOR THE XMAS HOLIDAY! This is a very unique weekend because of how XMAS falls on a Friday. I'm taking preorders right now for this weekend's items which orders will start being delivered from Saturday (12/26) and all orders will be fulfilled by Sunday Night PST (12/27). This is your LAST chance to get the Krampus Build #2. Welcome to a very special weekend as we continue our Christmas Event. Here are 13 NEW UNIQUE ITEMS that will surely bring you joy and continue your XMAS spirits throughout the holidays. All of these new items are Cryo with All Elemental on ASE with FAMZ anointments for all characters built-in to each item. Some of these items have unlimited and semi-unlimited ammo adding to your fun. Some of these items shoots snowballs, ice, and causes winter wonderlands like the grenade mod which just lights up your soul and the battlefield. I really don't want to go in depth with these items as I would like for it to be a surprise on when you use them. This is my gift to you. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from my family to yours, Merry Christmas. -Love, JUG

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