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SHOP IS NOW OPEN! As we kick-off the Halloween Season, welcome to the terrified "Mortal Kombat x Borderlands 3" event items. All of these items individually can generate terror 100% on ASE or 25% on melee BUT combined together if you collect ALL 9 NEW ITEMS you'll become the ultimate terror in Borderlands 3 as you cause so many bloody fatalities as ALL 9 ITEMS combined provides a NEW UNIQUE TERROR BUILD for all characters. SUPER AMAZING!!!! Brutalize pandora and your enemies as you can shoot fire and ice at the same time with the FUSION terror "ScorpZero" Pistol, melee to death your enemies with an all elemental terror "Goro" artifact, open an acid pool with flying skulls that transform into a spitting acid shower from "Reptile's Grenade Mod", or attack with numerous terror rockets with an all elemental radiation explosion from Cyrax flying pods, while being protected by "Sonya Blade" diet shield that does some amazing things on ASE, when broken, when full, or even when recharging. There's so many more items to choose from or collect them all. PC side of the shop is open as well for the FIRST TIME. I put so much time and effort into getting these items PERFECT. This is your chance to "FINISH HIM" in Borderlands 3. Welcome to the Blood Fest in this ALL NEW "Mortal Kombat x Borderlands 3" TERROR ITEMS Event! <3

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