BEHOLD AN AMAZING NEW BUILD! A NEW BUILD with a NEW Handcrafted Action-Skill. Feel the bile from within as if the symbiote has taken over your characters bringing you NEW Powers and Abilities ONLY EVILxJUG can deliver. This is a very new way to play and have tons of fun, a new full-blown experience like none other. Welcome to the "Venom x Borderlands 3" crossover event items. This is your BUILD #4. This is a FULL Health Build tapping into your Health, you feed on the enemies to keep your health flowing and always topped up. Your shield holds the power and the key to give you that power of the symbiote, it may say 0 capacity but it's far from being zero. When your JUG Moxxi Venom Shield hits 0 the powers your characters unleashed is beyond amazing and health becomes full throttle. If you want even more power just active your Action-Skill, a secondary new handcrafted Action-Skill will get activated as seen in the pic and you will throw out Venom's symbiote to kill the enemies all around you for your Vemon's symbiote is a 360 degree blast around your body, too AMAZING! There's so much more to this like your new venom class mods topping up 95% of all your skill tress for every character and new added powers and hidden easter eggs for you to find and have tons of fun. The new venom cell phone grenade mod is a 3 stage grenade mod animation effect that rains Venom's symbiote from the sky and rains down money, BEYOND ASTOUNDING! There's so much more to all 5 items when combined to make this amazing build worth your time and grants you new powers, abilities, gameplay experiences, and offers tons of new ways to have fun. I suggest you get all these builds for EVERY Character because they all play out differently, and its all SUPER FUN! This build is nothing you have ever seen, I promise you that. You will want this one for sure. Shop is NOW OPEN. Can't wait for you to get your hands on Build #4. Happy Shopping! This build is truly a gift. <3

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