What happens when you take the evils of an enchanted world and bridge it with the vault on Pandora? You get an evil from within that has never been seen. Welcome to the "Disney Villains x Borderlands 3" terror crossover event items and FULL builds. This is your build #3. These new unique builds feature astounding and amazing things that your characters could never do before- until now. With all new 5 items equipped you can summon the EVIL Avatar from within and cross it into the Dark Enchanted World that lives inside your character to bring out a new handcrafted Action-Skill called the "Avatar Action-Skill". With the power of all elements tethered to the base Action-Skills and then takes that power passes it through your soul while terror-fied, you will unleashed the dark magic of enchantment upon your enemies. The "Scorched Earth" terror grenade mod is super unique as it uses dark magic when thrown causes an all elemental radiation fog and rewards you with dropped endless amounts of money. With the "Disney Villains" magic this astonishing grenade mod uses that dark magic to reverse its damaging radiation cloud in real time, you feel sorcerous while killing the enemy in an entirely new way. There's so much to be said on these new items and full builds. I will leave the fun and the rest of it all for you to find and hunt. These new terror builds are SUPER FUN and brings totally new experiences in the way you play Borderlands 3. Harness this dark magic and unleash spells unto the battlefield of Pandora. Take no prisoners in the Heck Hole. Your characters are now filled with dark terror magic. Can't wait for you guys to get your hands on these new amazing items. Happy Shopping! <3

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