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As the Fright Fest continues bring the "Storm" to Borderlands 3 in this all NEW Epic Terror event. Welcome to the "Dark X-Men x Borderlands 3" crossover terror event items. This is a complete new terror build excluding the class mods but pair it with the returning terror anointed class mods from last week and you will become the most POWERFUL MUTANT. This all new experience was designed with you in mind to have the most fun while slaying the enemies with the most powerful items in the game while maintaining balance. BUT, if you want to kick it into overdrive and unleash your inner powers and abilities to WRECH TERROR HAVOC just activate your Action Skill and become the most powerful mutant to ever walk among Pandora. These new items are BEYOND FUN! Some of the returning items will NOT be returning next weekend, so now is your chance to get what you can this weekend because once it's gone, it's gone forever (hinting at the Mortal Kombat Terror set). The shop has been RESTOCKED for this weekend. Happy Shopping. <3

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