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So many awesome new items this weekend. We have the "DBZ Villains x Borderlands 3" crossover event terror items, "Pokemon x Borderlands 3" crossover event terror items, "COD: Zombies x Borderlands 3" crossover event terror items, "Horror Movies x Borderlands 3" crossover event terror items, and a Special Terror Shotgun. ALL LEVEL 65 ALL ELEMENTAL! You guys wanted me to make a weapon that shoots pumpkins for Halloween, so I took it a step further. Introducing, the "Burger King Ghost Whopper" combined with "Ghostbusters" in an all new terror "Ghostbuster Whopper" Shotgun that shoots the ghostbuster beam while spitting out all elemental "Burger King Ghost Whoppers" at the enemies, so cool. There are tons of new terror items including the all new "TERROR CLASS MODS" for all characters. I did something special to these Class Mods especially hooking you up with tons of skill points, hidden easter eggs, super charged abilities, specific character anointments which directly taps into your character skill tree, and on top of that added Terror Anointments which is built-into these class mods, FIRE! I brought back and upgraded some of your favorite weapons to Level 65, all elemental. Your weekend is going to get so much better with these new terror items. There are 20 to collect if you want them all. THE SHOP IS NOW OPEN! Happy Shopping. <3

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