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SHOP IS NOW OPEN! Super Amazing Builds and Items this weekend. This is my best yet to come. Experience what it means to be the Avatar in Borderlands 3 with the NEW "Avatar x Borderlands 3" crossover event items. Feel the Power and Strength of going into the Avatar State upon ASE with these amazing new items OR try to control the Magic of the Dark Spirit of the Dark Avatar with these NEW ANOINTED CLASS MODS! Combination of over 70 Anointments being UNLEASHED at the same time upon ASE upon the enemies of Pandora. Which side do you choose, the Light Avatar State or the Dark Avatar State? Choose your new play style. This is the most EPIC BUILD ITEMS I have ever handcrafted many extreme long days and late nights beyond the graveyard to get this PERFECT! This is the MOST FUN items I have ever created thus far. This one is all you. Get it while supplies lasts. Once these builds are gone, they will be GONE Forever! It's time to have an amazing weekend with these newly handcrafted items in Borderlands 3. Love you guys and can't wait for you to use these builds, there is none like it anywhere. The passion and feels of these items are just pure love in each movement and killing the enemies has never felt better. This is a SUPERB build/items. Welcome to the "Avatar x Borderlands 3" crossover event! <3

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