"Avengers Assemble!" The "Avengers x Borderlands 3" crossover is here. Each item offers a unique, fun, and different experience. Combine all items together and you will feel the speed, power, strength, and hidden abilities to feel the power of "The Avengers". For example, the "Spider-Man Webslinger" actually shoots spider webs in all elemental damage with an underbarell shotgun web blast launcher AND combined with the "Antman/Wasp Shield" and "Hulk Artifact" you will get extreme bonus speeds, tons of ammo for your weapon feeding into those alternate firing modes making them feel different, and melee will pack-a-punch. This is just one way to play with these items. Find your Avenger or collect them all to harness the greater power of what it feels to be an Avenger in Borderlands 3. Also, that SPECIAL ITEM "Chadwich Boseman King's Call", has tons of ASE for EVERY CHARACTER built into them for various builds for all characters (see item shop for details on those Hidden ASE Abilities). Have FUN Shopping. <3

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