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Hey loves,

I'm finally back after 5 days. Again, I don't have anymore planned trips for the next 2 years. I will be running the business full-time with the shop still being opened during the weekends because I have to work on the videos and handcrafted loot during the week and testing before releasing it to you- tons of work!

Right now, the Shop has REOPENED for another 2 days! So, if you missed any of the TTW Services now is the time to get in again, this weekend ONLY with any purchase you will get 3x the more loot (this is endgame loot and not handcrafted loot) per character/order.

So, if you missed out the past 2 weekends NOW is your time to place your order before our 1st DLC gets released this coming Thursday. You will want to play DLC 1 with max level to have the most fun fighting the enemies in that DLC that's over-ranked for the best experience. Now is your time. Also, the DLC is part of your Season Pass if you purchased it with your game or separately.

Anyone who I didn't deliver to before or this past week, this weekend is all yours as well. I will be delivering to you. Please message me on here using the contact and lets set a date and time up.

Also, if you place an order and don't have time for delivery this weekend, you order will be saved and safe and will be delivered when you are available.


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