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Welcome to the "DESTINY x BORDERLANDS 3" crossover event. This weekend is going to be SUPER FUN! Before we get into highlighting some of these amazing loot items, firstly- we are focusing on Jacob's handcrafted items. Why? because there's something that makes Jacob's loot special and from owning these items you will see why. A complete new and refreshing experience in contrast to the other manufacturers. The way the items handle, shoot, reload, scope in, and among other abilities it just adds a variety of fun. Jacob's weaponry was PERFECT in blending the game "Destiny" to crossover it with "Borderlands 3". The design, performance, look and feel just hits with a certain emotion of nostalgia while pulling the trigger- it just- feels, AMAZING! The "Vex Mythoclast" for example when critting in Borderlands 3 has a super special ability that spawns a talon of a crow that swarms into all elemental explosive damage. The Thorn, Bad Juju, and Ice Breaker are all badass exotics that I had to bring them into Borderlands 3 to enhance your experience adding to your fun. The shield, grenade mod, and artifact are all JACOB items that gives an "ARC Lightning SUPER" from Destiny when combined. SUPER INCREDIBLE! When combined all 9 items together makes a BUILD (not a full build because there are no new class mods but are compatible with the BDAY Class Mods). These new items are crazy fun. If you are looking for something new and exciting, "HEADS UP GUARDIAN", I mean "VAULT HUNTER", "HEADS UP VAULT HUNTER", this is one event you don't want to miss.

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