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THE LONG AWAIT BUILD IS FINALLY HERE! It's time to control the Mayhem in Borderlands 3; either restore balance or wipe everything out. Welcome to the "Thanos x Borderlands 3" crossover event items BUILD #1 in Year 2. Balance with a slight OP is my key to the your Fun Factor. This time around it's Power with a slight balance is create a unique experience to drive your Fun Factor. Each item is an infinity stone, each infinity item causes different powers and abilities to match each infinity stone. With all "infinity items" combined you become the Thanos of your character. With each "infinity stone" in one handcrafted item comes your "infinity Thanos gauntlet" the Storming Firefly. Each character has their own Firefly infinity item that specs into their respective trees and unlocks power beyond power (specs into all character specific anointments). The "Storming infinity Firefly", the Gauntlet, has unimaginable powers and hidden Easter Eggs. The firefly infinity item itself causes a swarm of actual fireflies that eats the flesh off of enemies in all elemental and swarm from enemy to enemy causing a trail of elemental fireflies. It's a painful way to kill your enemies. You control their fate with the power in your hands with all infinity items and FULL infinity build. The infinity artifact or relic gives you unimaginable speed and strength in all elemental fashion. When combined with the infinity gauntlet item you will gain more power, speed, and strength. The infinity class mods UNLOCKS 95% of all 4 SKILL TREES Combined for all Characters. The infinity shield, infinity artifact, and infinity firefly combined will cause your fireflies to behave different giving them extra powers and elemental abilities. Tons of time and research went into each individual item to enhance your fun and gameplay but OMG when combined you will feel the true power of turning each of your character into Thanos. This is one build you don't want to miss out on. This is super limited so get it while you can. "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this… does put a smile on my face." -Thanos, Infinity War 2018. I gave you the Ultimate POWER with this build to enhance your fun. I also wanted to give you guys true power because I have a feeling a new raid will be upon us soon and I wanted you to have this build for the new raid. Trust me guys, this is one build you will want. The power, the fun, the mayhem; YOU CONTROL IT ALL!

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