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Welcome to Year 2 of Borderlands 3 in the shop! We are going to kick things off with some amazing new handcrafted items. There are tons of new ways to play with these items. First things first, let's speak on the 4th Skill Tree Class Mods. I handcrafted the new Season Pass 2 4th Skill Tree Class Mods giving them more power for fun. I overcharged the skill points in the 4th Skill Tree Class Mods for all characters. Imagine the things your characters can now do with putting over 10 points into 1 skill or more lol SUPER FUN! Secondly, I really wanted to do something special for each of your characters. I made them their own respective gun with their NEW Anointments from Season Pass 2 and YES! with all of their new anointments handcrafted into 1 amazing weapon for each character. In the pic, it's Zane weapon that Amara is using but you can see how amazing it is, it's so amazing that you can't just capture it all in one pic. For example, Zane's Creeping Death Shotgun firstly shoots corrosive bubbles that sludges all over the enemy into explosive balls that chain explodes into cryogenic blasts and then explodes the enemy into radiation BUT it gets better; when reloading 4 copies of this weapon gets replicated and flies around you shooting all elemental damage in the same amazing effect. BEYOND AMAZING! Each character's new anointment weapons all have some amazing things to enhance your fun. I wanted to take things up a level for the start of Year 2 in the shop so lol get this, I combined all 14 new character anointments into the OPQ System and rebuild it from ground up making in SUPER AMAZING with Unlimited Ammo, so go CRAZY! It's called the FAMZ OPQ Shite lol (FAMZ as in FL4K, Amara, Moze, Zane). So many more things to speak of like the Grenade Mod, Shield, and Artifact but I'll leave the rest for you to find and have tons of fun if you collect all new items for amazing hidden Easter Eggs. I will dive deeper into all new items this weekend with the Saturday's upload. This is how you kick-off Year 2 in Borderlands 3, with these SUPER AMAZING new handcrafted items for new ways to play and have tons of new FUN!

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