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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Please read carefully. The Shop will be closing tomorrow night at 6pm PST and will NOT reopen until November 20th at 1pm PST (2 weeks closed). Right now is your LAST CHANCE to get anything from the shop. The shop's inventory will be wiped of all items and all builds after tomorrow night to make room for Year 2 of Borderlands 3 which starts this Monday. You will NOT ever get any of these items or builds ever again. Now is your time. I highly suggest you start trashing your older items and start making room in your bank for newer items and builds. Personally, I'm trashing all my class mods because they don't have any special skills or abilities into the 4th skill trees. WHEN THE SHOP REOPENS on November 20th, you will have all new class mods that will spec into the 4th skill trees with the new 4th skill trees powers and abilities as well on top of catering for the other trees. Mayhem 11 is coming as well and your new items will be "Hybrid Scaled" for Mayhem 10 and Mayhem 11 built into all new items. The shop's FAQ section will also be revamped with new information. Since we are getting new consoles, I need to spend extra time figuring out how transferring of items will work between all older and new consoles to include PC. So, even though I'm taking 2 weeks off from the shop and uploading, I'm still working extremely hard to make sure everything is a smooth transition. Love you all. <3

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