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SHOP is 40% to 60% off Sale this Weekend!

Hey Loves,

I do not have time to add new items this week because I am working on a massive upgrade to my NFT Project so I decided because of all the recent support in the shop to run a massive sale for this weekend. Every package is between 40% to 60% off so if you wanted anything from before and couldn't pull the trigger NOW is the time to put in an order. Love you all. Have a great weekend.

P.S. only continue reading if you are interested in knowing what my massive NFT upgrade I'm working on currently.

Okay, so basically, I'm minting a HypeBee Stinger Bee NFT Project that is featuring Bees (not apes lol). There are 2 character a Guy (worker stinger bee) and the Queen stinger bee. My Bees like to play dress-up and hyper all the time that's why I call them HypeBees. So, basically I am minting on OpenSea for about $100-$600 (.5 ETH) but on the Poly-ETH chain. I want my NFT Bees in everyone hands so that they can appreciate the art and flip for a profit if they would like. So, I have been building a separate community for that. It has been going amazing but its tons of work. I have celebrities other than Paris Hilton following me now for my NFT project. So, I have to deliver and keep working and creating and minting. So, I decided to leave the Polygon-ETH chain and strictly mint on the ETH chain and bring my prices of my NFTs to $7 to $21 depending on the rarity. So, Legendary Rarity is $7 1/3 mints, Pearlescent Rarity is $14 1/2 mints, and Effervescent Rarity is 1/1 mint at $21. So, now I have to remint all 114 HypeBees that I have listed ugh. There are 500 HypeBees in each collection. I have a HypeBee collection 2D at 500 unique mints. I'm working on turning those Bees in Mutant Bees for PFP NFTs 500 mints in that collection. Then, I'm turning those 2D Bess into 3D HypeBees for a 3D collection at 500 mints as well. Then 6 exclusive Effervescent rarity mints 1/1 at the very end of each collection, 2 each. Yeah, its a lot of work. Also, each of my Bees has a storyline behind of them that I am writing plus the storyline ties into one big storyline for the entire collection collectively. Also, 2% of each NFT sale gets donated to the Bee Conservancy to help save the bees because they are almost endangered. So the donations helps this non-profit organization to keep saving bees around the world so that they can keep making honey which we need for food and keep food prices somewhat cheap and also helps the pollination of plants and trees so that we can have oxygen and a cleaner planet. So, you could see all the work that I'm doing and its beyond time consuming but in the end it will be worth it. Love you all have a great weekend.

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